Charlotte Tooth

Classes: TRX


The 3 things you need to know about me:

1. Professional dancer turned PT. I like to bring the precision and athleticism of dance technique to sessions.

2. Marginally obsessed with dogs. I only run in parks for the dog watching.

3. Plant-based and keen neuroscience nerd.


How fitness has changed things for me: Fitness has given me the tools I need to improve my life and the life of others. It provides a place where I can be challenged, improve and let go #FITNESSCHANGESEVERYTHING


My classes are: Technical, Empowering, FUN!


Favourite Song / Genre: Con Altura by Rosalia. Sexy latin beats are THE ONE!


How will you feel when you leave my class: Invincible- like you could take on anything! My classes give you mental and physical challenges to bullet-proof your body and mind.

Charlotte Tooth's Upcoming Classes

Sat 14 Dec @ 11:15AM TRX Kensington Book
Sat 14 Dec @ 12:15PM TRX Kensington Book
Wed 18 Dec @ 6:30PM TRX Knightsbridge Book
Wed 18 Dec @ 7:30PM TRX Knightsbridge Book