Emily D

Classes: Circuit, TRX


The 3 things you need to know about me:

1. I'm an ex competitive figure-skater

2. I'm obsessed with all things high intensity

3. I'm unbeatable at Jenga


How fitness has changed things for me: It's taught me to be unafraid of failing - the only way never to fail is never to try anything new!


My classes are: Energetic, Form-focussed, Unstoppable


Favourite Song / Genre: 90s Justin Timberlake never fails to get me on the dance floor


How will you feel when you leave my class? having pushed your limits with a smile on your face and dying to come back for more!

Emily D's Upcoming Classes

Sat 06 Feb @ 11:00AM CIRCUIT / SWEAT Kensington Book
Sat 06 Feb @ 12:00PM CIRCUIT / SWEAT Kensington Book