Classes: Cycle, TRX, Row, Circuit


3 things you need to know about me:

1. I can't be in a club without Shazam'ing songs for my Cycle class- it's an illness.

2. I love sharing random laughs/moments with strangers.

3. Leaving my family home and moving away to London at a very young age taught me to grow up fast, and also be comfortable with the uncomfortable.


How fitness has changed everything for me: It has made me believe in my own strength, inside and outside of the gym.


My classes are: Sweat filled, Challenging, Vibrant.


Favourite song/genre: Hip Hop - 50 Cent/ Lil Wayne/ Eminem can often be found in my playlists, and we turn it up ;)


How you will feel when you leave my class: Like you can move mountains...

Helen's Upcoming Classes

No upcoming classes on the schedule