India Bailey

Self-Love, Magnetic, Boundary-Breaking, One Hell of A Ride.


Come to India's class if you want the latest in R&B, Hip-Hop and Feel-Good/Uplifting tracks. She races to the finish line while riding to the beat of the music - but stability comes first! It's electric, magnetic and full of energy - She will give you her best, but she expects you to do the same in return. As the Head of Cycle, her promise is: a sweat fest, immersive tunes and a smile on your face when you leave the classroom because you'll be THAT proud. What are you waiting for?

India Bailey's Upcoming Classes

Sun 16 Dec @ 10:15AM CYCLE Kensington Book
Sun 16 Dec @ 11:15AM CYCLE Kensington Book
Tue 18 Dec @ 6:15AM CYCLE Kensington Book
Tue 18 Dec @ 7:15AM CYCLE Kensington Book
Wed 19 Dec @ 7:30PM CYCLE Kensington Book

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