Classes: Head of Cycle


The 3 things you need to know about me are:

1. I am Canadian born, but when I was young, my family and I moved to Mexico on a crazy adventure for 5 years, it's where I learnt French & Spanish.

2. I was a competitive downhill ski racer -- I like to go really, really fast.

3. I am a Bananaphobic (seriously, don't test me - ha!)


How fitness has changed things for me: It's helped me be comfortable in my vulnerability and be open to showing that to others. There is something very addictive about the environment, the sweat, the people. There is a togetherness that you feel, which is hard to feel in every day life - not only do you leave a session feeling like you overcame a challenge you didn't think you would, but you also leave feeling like you were a part of something, and that's pretty special.


My classes are: Soulful, Gritty, Raw


Favourite Song / Genre: Anything with a Euphoric Melody, Soul & Hip Hop are some of my favourite genres. Poundcake - Jay Z & Drake and All Night Long by the Mary Jane Girls are two of my favourite songs.


How will you feel when you leave my class? Feelin' yourself.

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