Kim Hartwell

As a PT and yoga teacher, Kim's ethos centres around the belief that no matter the shape or size of your body, you absolutely have the ability to tone what you own! Also a wellness blogger and fitness model, Kim aims to motivate others to be the best version of themselves. She spends her time strength training, doing yoga and rock climbing.

Kim Hartwell's Upcoming Classes

Wed 06 Mar @ 7:00PM POWER YOGA 55 Kensington Book
Wed 06 Mar @ 8:15PM STRETCH Kensington Book
Thu 07 Mar @ 12:30PM POWER YOGA 55 Kensington Book
Sat 09 Mar @ 10:15AM POWER YOGA 55 Knightsbridge Book
Sat 09 Mar @ 11:30AM STRETCH Knightsbridge Book

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