Matt S

Classes: Cycle


3 things you need to know about me:

1. I swapped working in nightlife for the fitness industry (shots to squats!)

2. My Kryptonite is Camembert (that's why I work so hard in my classes)

3. I prefer dogs to humans... who doesn't


How fitness has changed things for me: This is so much more than the physical... the abs, the guns! Fitness has pulled me through a lot more of the mental struggles in life. To me, it's a release - a time to clear my head of day to day stresses and leave feeling brighter, healthier and happier! #FITNESSCHANGESEVERYTHING


My classes are: Powerful, Inspiring, High Octane


Favourite Song / Genre: Dance / House (anything with a huge beat)


How will you leave my class: Like you've actually had a workout, you've pushed and sweated yourself to the limits, but feel mentally and physically on top of the world!

Matt S's Upcoming Classes

Mon 20 Jan @ 12:30PM CYCLE Kensington Book
Tue 21 Jan @ 7:30PM CYCLE Kensington Book
Fri 24 Jan @ 6:30PM CYCLE Kensington Book
Sun 26 Jan @ 12:15PM CYCLE Kensington Book
Tue 28 Jan @ 7:30PM CYCLE Kensington Book
Mon 03 Feb @ 12:30PM CYCLE Kensington Book
Tue 04 Feb @ 7:30PM CYCLE Kensington Book