Classes: Pilates


The 3 things you need to know about me:

1. Unless my two little kids consumed it all, I usually have a bit too much energy which trickles down to my classes!

2. I don't like chocolate and I haven't eaten meat for more than 2 decades.

3. In my previous life, I used to be a banker in love with fitness and then managed to turn my passion into my profession.


How fitness has changed things for me: It has made me stronger physically and emotionally, ready to face the world and care about functionality rather than looks #FITNESSCHANGESEVERYTHING


My classes are: Dynamic, Fun, Hands-on


Favourite Song / Genre: House and Indie Rock. I can't say no to a good pop song :)


How will you feel when you leave my class? Like you really gave your best, moved and worked all parts of your body; you will leave feeling stronger, taller and happier!

Sabrina's Upcoming Classes

Wed 27 Jan @ 6:00PM MAT PILATES - ZOOM Live Stream Classes Book
Wed 03 Feb @ 6:00PM MAT PILATES - ZOOM Live Stream Classes Book