Classes: TRX


The 3 things you need to know about me:

1. Former dancer turned trainer who loves to help people feel great, through movement

2. I love pancakes (must be covered in strawberries, chocolate and ice cream)

3. I'm interested in photography and enjoy capturing people's personalities in a photograph


How fitness has changed things for me: Fitness gives me the confidence to explore what I'm truly capable of, body and mind #FITNESSCHANGESEVERYTHING


My classes are: Energetic, Challenging and Fun


Favourite Song / Genre: Anything makes me dance!


How will you feel when you leave my class? You'll leave feeling empowered and ready to conquer your day!

Stephanie's Upcoming Classes

Sat 07 Nov @ 11:15AM TRX / BURN Kensington Book
Sat 07 Nov @ 12:15PM TRX / BURN Kensington Book