Vnisha Vaghela

Dynamic, Empowering, Redefining, Tenacious, Immersive.


Vnisha's style of class is high energy and freeing. She makes working out fun, dynamic and explosive. You will always leave feeling a sense of accomplishment whether that be a serious sweat or zoning out on the bike, resetting your mind. Her aim is to make sure you are the greatest version of yourself on that bike, growing from strength to strength with every push of the peddle.


Her mixed music style is inspired by her dads wide taste in music. Be sure to hear all the throwbacks, including: Pop, Hip Hop and R&B, sprinkled with new discoveries that will get you spiritually uplifted.

Vnisha Vaghela's Upcoming Classes

Wed 16 Oct @ 9:30AM CYCLE Kensington Book
Mon 21 Oct @ 7:30PM CYCLE Kensington Book
Tue 22 Oct @ 7:30PM CYCLE Kensington Book
Wed 23 Oct @ 6:30PM CYCLE Kensington Book
Fri 25 Oct @ 6:30PM CYCLE St John's Wood Book
Sat 26 Oct @ 3:00PM CYCLE Kensington Book
Fri 01 Nov @ 6:30PM CYCLE St John's Wood Book
Sun 03 Nov @ 12:15PM CYCLE Kensington Book